Wednesday, May 11, 2011

INTERVIEW: on South African Culture Writing About Race and Genre - Lauren Beukes

"And I just did a nine page comic for Vertigo for the Strange Adventures anthology, and that was amazing as I've always wanted to write comics. I read Misty when I was a kid and Asterix and Tin Tin and 2000AD was a huge influence on me, and Elf Quest and it was always something I really wanted to do. I got the opportunity through Bill Willingham, who I met at WorldCon, and he introduced me to his editor. I got to pitch on this story idea and she loved it. It's so exciting to do . I think what's been most exciting is to see how it works differently - that's the nice thing about working across the board, and playing in all these different disciplines, to see what different challenges they bring. In animation, for example, the storyboard is very straightforward - it's one, two, three panels in a row - that's what a storyboard looks like, because that's how it's going to be animated onscreen. With comics, the layouts that you can play with, the panels... it's just mind-blowing. That's what I struggled most with - trying to figure out what panel layout works best. Luckily, Shelly Bond, the editor and Inaki Miranda , the Illustrator really held my hand through this, and brought such amazing life to that, so that was really, really cool, and hopefully it'll lead to more comics work because I loved it."

4 out of 5