Friday, April 08, 2011

An Unnatural History Of Thongor's Lemuria - Den Valdron

"Thongor seems to have been Carter's first published novel, the beginning of his career. I assume then, that he was probably playing around with it for at least a couple of years before that. The idea of Thongor in Lin Carter's mind may have gone as far back as 1962 or earlier. Thongor seems to have had some significance to Carter as a character, as noted, his fictional career spans 11 years of Carter's life. Most interestingly, Carter actually rewrote and expanded his first two Thongor novels in 1968. I'd argue that Thongor was perhaps a little closer to Lin Carter's heart than any of his other characters or series.

But Thongor was also explicitly a descendant, perhaps even a clone of Conan, something that Carter would have been the first to admit. Carter made no bones, he was an ultimate fanboy, he loved what he loved... Burroughs, Howard, Lovecraft, Oz, the old pulps, and wrote in those styles."

4 out of 5