Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Michael Moorcock's Modem Times 2.0 is a good introduction to the literary legend - Joe Gross

""The Cornelius stuff wasn't published as sci-fi in England," Moorcock says. "One of the frustrating things about America for me is the tendency to isolate anything that has any pretensions to address a grown-up audience and start slotting it into a special category, like calling an English TV version of ‘I, Claudius,' ‘Masterpiece Theatre.' There's a division between, let's call them, intellectuals and the public in this country that is so much greater than it is in Europe. It's much harder to find an ordinary, common cultural level."

Is Cornelius a hipper-than-thou secret agent, indulging in every vice? Is he an adolescent fantasy? All of this and more. Cornelius is where Moorcock's head goes when events warrant."

3.5 out of 5