Tuesday, April 05, 2011

His Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: Talks Game of Thrones - George R. R. Martin

"Q. Did Hollywood come calling for “Game of Thrones” right away?
A. Well, not entirely. The second book, “Clash of Kings” was the first to make the best-seller lists, and I got inquiries from various producers and filmmakers who were interested in the rights. Especially after “Lord of the Rings” was such a success and they were looking for other fantasy projects. But they wanted to do it as a feature film, and even then I said it cannot be done as a feature film. You would have to cut it to shreds. It took three films to make “Lord of the Rings,” and the entirety of “Lord of the Rings,” all three of Tolkien’s books, is only the size of one of my books. So we’re talking 20 films. What studio’s going to commit to 20 films? We could do it as a TV series for network. But what happens then? You run into the standards and practices issues – the censors, who are going to say, no, no, you can’t have all this sex and violence. Take all that out. I fought those battles for five years on “Beauty and the Beast” and “Twilight Zone,” both of which were eight o’clock shows, and it drove us crazy. So then it occurred to me, it could be made by somebody like HBO, as a series of series. Each book could be one season. And that was perfect. But of course there were only a few people who were doing that sort of thing."

3.5 out of 5