Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Courting Midnight - Emma Holly

"Lucius could not think what to say to this, and did not get a chance to try, for just then the man’s spirit flared in a golden burst of light, swallowing Lucius’s sense of anything beyond it. Lucius saw the dying man’s life even as it left him, lived it as though it were his. Lucas Delavert’s birthing cry. His childhood. A favorite pony named Mr. Bunch. The voice of his older brother, Daniel, lifted in scold. Why, Lucas? Why must you disappoint our father? With limbs like silk, his dark-skinned mistress rolled atop him in their gauze-draped bed, warm West Indian breezes tickling their skins. His manhood pulsed as she enveloped it. Lucas, she moaned in admiration. You are so strong . . ."

3 out of 5