Friday, March 18, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Shariann Lewitt - Blue Tyson

Shariann Lewitt is a science fiction author with a dozen or so novels and more than double that in short fiction. She has written a Star Trek book and co-written with Susan Shwartz as Gordon Kendall.

The following descriptions are all courtest of Ian Sales and do sound rather interesting :-

ANGEL AT APOGEE (1987) - young privileged woman becomes space fighter pilot on humanoid world in populated galaxy

BLIND JUSTICE (1991) - ghost ship helps wreak revenge on totalitarian galactic empire

CYBERSTEALTH (1989) - two-man space fighter crew, one human and one alien, uncover a spy in the squadron who's leaking tech secrets to the enemy

DANCING VAC (1990) - sequel to CYBERSTEALTH, human star fighter goes after traitorous alien crewmate behind enemy lines

CYBERNETIC JUNGLE (1992) - street fighter and hot female computer jockey team up to wreak revenge on nasty corporation

SONGS OF CHAOS (1993) - human banished from earth finds himself in bizarre starfaring culture

MEMENTO MORI (1995) - plague results in colony world being quarantined, so some artists sit around in coffee shops and plot a way out

INTERFACE MASQUE (1997) - cybernetic intrigue in a future Venice

REBEL SUTRA (2000) - far future power struggle on an alien planet with echoes of Hindu mythology

WHITE WING (1985), with Susan Shwartz under the name Gordon Kendall - elite space fighter squadron are all that remain of Earth destroyed by alien enemy