Friday, March 04, 2011

Redstone Science Fiction Interview - Lavie Tidhar

"In Pacmandu is a personal favorite of mine among your stories. For what games, if any, do you still make time?
Do you know, I hardly play computer games – I even gave up on Spider Solitaire a while back. Which is a shame… I used to have an Atari 800XL I the 1980s (yup, that old!) and I just don’t think anything since has compared. Though I played Kinect for the first time at a friend’s place and wow – science fiction!

I think I have a secret dream of becoming a warlord/crime boss in some virtual world like Second Life and have entire sweatshops of people working for me… that’d be kinda cool! And wrong, sure, but one can dream, right?"

4 out of 5