Thursday, March 10, 2011

Author Interview - Keith C. Blackmore

""The Troll Hunter" is a work of Heroic Fantasy. There is very little magic, monsters aren’t as commonplace, and it’s harsh. Gritty. Or so I tried to make it that way. It’s hard not to talk about the story without giving away too much of what I hope will be a surprise. I think fans of George RR Martin, David Gemmell, and Joe Abercrombie will enjoy it. It’s begins with a company of hard-nosed shock troops called Sujins, and they’re pulled back into duty one morning without any reason. They eventually find out that they are to protect a heavily armoured koch (coach) heading north, through a country on the verge of losing a very costly and drawn out war. They also learn that their leaders are harsh veterans of the war, and pretty much despise each other."

4 out of 5