Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sins of the Blood 1 - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Laura never did take care of him properly.

Blood matted the hair on the back of Laura's head and stained the tablecloth. He sank his hands in it, feeling the warmth, the richness. It was time. She had betrayed him. He saw no trace of the woman he had once loved in the white, bruised face. He wished her eyes were open, so that she would know what he was going to do.

But he couldn't wait. The coppery scent teased him like a lover.

He bent over her and sank his teeth into her neck. They went in easily—how he loved cows—and he sucked, sucked, sucked until there was nothing left.

When he finished, he leaned back on his heels and rubbed the back of his hand over his mouth. The baby was still crying, but the sound didn't bother him as much as it had earlier.

He stood and walked over to the bassinet. His son had a round face and wide blue eyes. When the baby saw him, the crying stopped. The boy reached up. He put his hand on his son's cheek and stuck a blood-covered thumb in the baby's mouth, smiling as the boy sucked.

"You are mine, now," he said. "All mine."

3.5 out of 5