Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Walter Jon Williams - Blue Tyson

Walter Jon Williams is a productive writer of good quality science fiction and fantasy whether novel or short story. He is very versatile and capable of attacking any subgenre, much like Robert Silverberg or Robert Reed. He wrote a military SF series Dread Empire's Fall that I found tedious and so only finished some of the short stories such as The Praxis and Conventions of War. Considerably better is novel Aristoi, a posthuman space opera of sorts where the Aristoi have vast powers and control of nanotech, both for communication and materially - such as in the reshaping of planets. If people like this go bad someone really needs to do something about it. His excellent novel Implied Spaces will likely also be of interest to subgenre fans with its virtual reality and giant AI conflicts as may books like Knight Moves and The Crown Jewels.