Monday, February 07, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Vernor Vinge - Blue Tyson

Vernor Vinge is a slow or unprolific science writer, or probably both. While his around double figure novel count and twice that for short fiction over more than 40 years won't take you long to tally up, it is often of high quality. Particularly the latter.

The Zones of Thought books include: A Deepness In the Sky has a group of space capitalists in competition with space fascists and their nasty brain control enslavement techniques over the possibility of exploiting a planet of alien Spiders. The latter live on a planet that freezes over regularly. A Fire Upon the Deep also has different non-human aliens, wolf-like with multiple bodies, and again humans meddle with alien intelligences. This is not as good as the aforementioned. The Blabber is a Zones of Thought story, with a young man and his strange alien pet on a human colony in the Slow Zone, which they want to get out of. They have to help when their planet comes under attack.

A Deepness In the Sky

A Fire Upon the Deep

The Blabber