Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Sheila Finch - Blue Tyson

Sheila Finch is a science fiction author who has produced several novels, and I suspect there may be some of interest, but I have never seen them. Book View Cafe or others, here's another project. She has a series of stories about the Guild of Xenolinguists - intergalacic scientific explorers interested in language and communication. And Ms Finch, may I suggest Kindle-ing? There's a collection of these stories, but it is the usual expensive hardback collectible type being Golden Gryphon.

That being said, I just realised there was a bunch at Fictionwise, a shop I certainly od not look at much anymore, but is certainly worth checking occasionally for just such occasions. So now added to my cart for next time I buy stuff there.

First Was the Word shows a modern researcher on Earth looking into the roots of universal communication - when a strange man appears. He is an alien. So of course the military chucks him in prison as our linguist tries to further her work.

First Was the World