Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Selina Rosen - Blue Tyson

Selina Rosen is a an author of science fiction and fantasy who has written several novels and short stories. Her 'Chains' trilogy is of interest, about freedom fighters on an oppressed planet and theirs plans for fightback and expansion under an unusal and charismatic leader.

Drewcila Qwah is, well, a space garbagewoman to put it bluntly. Also a space princess, but she tries to avoid that, and along with her furry sidekick there is where the laughs and carnage, or carnage and laughs begin as she cannot escape her responsibilities forever. Which leads into debauchery and civil war. Highly entertaining are the Queen of Denial and Recycled pair of books, and Salvager's Gold is a related short story.
All the novels are available at Baen webscriptions.

Queen of Denial


Salvager's Gold