Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Robert Silverberg - Blue Tyson

Robert Silverberg is a writer across multiple genres and also produced a considerable number of non-fiction books. It is entirely possible there are no genres (or subgenres) left for him to explore. Most importantly, however, of science fiction, and one of the most enormously prolific writers around, with several hundred novels and several hundred short stories to his credit. He wrote a number of stories and novels early in his career that are of interest, and you'll find some online, and in collections like In the Beginning and the novel Starman's Quest, which you will find online. He has also been an editor of some Hall of Fame retrospectives, among others.

To the Dark is a black hole story, as is The Iron Star. The Emperor and the Maula is a Scheherazade type tale from The New Space Opera. In The Secret Sharer, a captain has a telepathic stowaway, and weirder things to come. Ship Sister, Star Sister has telepathic twins used as a communications method over several light years. Symbiont is a pact between two warriors in a war against aliens, in that if they are taken over, they will shoot each other.

Lord Valentine's Castle is Silverberg's take on trying to appeal to the fantasy market, but even then then his science fictional approach leaves alien races, both lost and still ancient super technology, etc., to also make this something of the planetary romance, too, if you are so inclined. Amnesiac itinerant juggler becomes king amidst all the psionic mini-alien wizards, travelling, and questing. There are several sequels and related works in novel and short story form. The Sorcerer's Apprentice deals with training, shapeshifting and romance. The Book of Changes is set several thousand years before the first novel, and deals with a dilettante trying to write an epic historical poem. A Thief In Ni Moya has a young woman trying to get by in a low-rent crowd.

To the Dark Star

The Iron Star

The Emperor and the Maula

The Secret Sharer

Ship Sister, Star Sister


Lord Valentine's Castle

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The Book of Changes

A Thief In Ni Moya