Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: R. Garcia y Robertson - Blue Tyson

R. Garcia y Robertson is a writer of science fiction and fantasy, and completely and utterly internet challenged. He has a great series of stories that we will call SuperCats (although they have SuperChimps, too). Unfortunately, not likely to ever get a complete SuperCat collection of such given his luddite nature. A shame, given their high quality and fun quotient. He has several novels and many times that number of short stories to his name.

Kansas She Says, Is the Name of the Star has avoidance of SuperCat bushwhacking.

Ring Rats has a conflict with space slavers.

In Bird Herding, escape from a bunch of rampaging SuperChimps is the order of the day.

Oxygen Rising finds a diplomat in the middle of a war between humans and Greenies, and of course there are the feline Supercats.

Teen Angel has a beautiful young woman escaping from space pirates.

Werewolves of Luna has an almost out of air Earthman rescued and shanghaied into joining a virtual reality tournament with a motley crew. Just have to survive sword combat and a raid on a vampire's castle.

Gone to Glory has the problem of completing a mission when an opposing warlord has, say, ten million neanderthal warriors.

Long Voyage Home has a woman captured by SuperCats and forced to work for them. Even worse, babysitting some of their catty big brats, before she can attempt to cut a deal and get home through space.

A Princess of Helium has the adventures of a flyer of multiple varieties.

Wife Stealing Time has SuperCat slavers and sex crimes.

An air hostess lost on Barsoom is not what she seems, causing SinBad the Sand Sailor some interesting issues.

Kansas She Says, Is the Name of the Star

Ring Rats

Bird Herding

Oxygen Rising

Teen Angel

Werewolves of Luna

Gone To Glory

Long Voyage Home

A Princess of Helium

Wife Stealing Time

Sinbad the Sand Sailor