Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Martin H. Greenberg - Blue Tyson

Martin H. Greenberg
is the anthology king of the universe across many genres, and may well have edited them to a four digit number. Therefore he has published and republished many stories of interest. Hall of Fame volumes, Great Science Fiction Stories series with Isaac Asimov right up to now. And other various titles like Young Star Travelers, Intergalactic Empires, Space Dogfights and more.

DAW has a long running monthly anthology series.

For instance, this recent book - Love and Rockets, an anthology of space opera romance stories in team-up with Kerrie Hughes.

Second Shift - Brenda Cooper
Gateway Night - Nina Kiriki Hoffman
The Women Who Ate Stone Squid - Jay Lake
Wanted - Anita Ensal
An Offer You Couldn't Refuse - Sylvia Kelso and Lillian Stewart Carl
In the Night - Steven H Silver
F Isn't For Freefall - Donald J. Bingle
If This Were a Romance - Shannon Page
The Business of Love - Kelly Swails and Jay Lake
Music In Time - Dean Wesley Smith
Dance of Life - Jody Lynn Nye
Old Times' Sake - Tim Waggoner
Drinking Games - Kristine Kathryn Rusch