Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Linnea Sinclair - Blue Tyson

Linnea Sinclair, going by her website, would appear to have quite firmly nailed her intergalactic colours to the warp nacelle of science fiction romance, of which she is working her way towards double figures in novels. Apparently there are a few short stories, too.

I haven't read any, but going by all the excerpts you have some entertaining conflict, with heroes not afraid to pack enough laser pistols, or to lure their enemies into the deadly embrace of the blood bats, or a sneaky annihilating super weapon crossfire at a jump gate. Seems to be plenty of fun to be had here, and definitely worth a look. Unlike many authors, she also appears to have mastered that advanced ancient alien superscience known as 'html'.

Rebels and Lovers [excerpt]