Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Karl Schroeder - Blue Tyson

Karl Schroeder is a highly underrated science fiction author, capable of producing such mindmelting work as Lady of Mazes, which also will be of interest to subgenre fans. He is closing on double figures in novels, and somewhat more than that in short fiction, some of the latter I have not seen.

He, too, has the misfortune of being a Macmillan author of no particular popularity. On a brighter note, his novel Venus is available via his website, and is definitely subgenre.

Ventus has people stuck in the middle of an AI conflict, or working for them such as the upgraded human agent in this novel. Halo has a colony around a dwarf star in trouble with a hijacked starship. This is in the same setting as his novel Permanence. Sun of Suns has pirate ships and speeder bikes and spies set in a self contained mini solar-system where suns are small, artificially created and fusion powered - and the key to this advanced alien knowledge is something people in Virga will go to war over. So a clever way to get a planetary swashbuckling romance going.



Sun of Suns