Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Dan Simmons - Blue Tyson

Dan Simmons is a talented writer across multiple genres, including science fiction and horror. The work of space opera interest is his Hyperion series that includes four novels and a short story. The brilliant first two are collected in an omnibus titled Hyperion Cantos.

Hyperion's setting is of a humanity able to walk between worlds because of the TechnoCore AI and their farcaster web. The planet Hyperion is the site of the Time Tombs, an artifact travelling backwards in time. A group of travellers journey Canterbury Tales style to what will be the site of an attack by a fringe group of breakway humans. Politics, androids, and powerful artificial intelligences at war with themselves. In Endymion it is a couple of hundred years later and the Catholics are now a powerful force again, and they want to remove a new young messiah who has the ability to give humanity freedom from control by anyone. Some characters from the other books play parts, including the Shrike. The sequel leads to a space war confrontation between the two groups.

Muse of Fire is a novella form the New Space Opera about a travelling theatre troupe that is forced through space, to perform for humanity's existence in the face of powerful forces.


The Fall of Hyperion

Hyperion Cantos


The Rise of Endymion

Muse of Fire