Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Fred Saberhagen - Blue Tyson

Fred Saberhagen was a solidly productive author of fantasy and science fiction in many subgenres. Of space opera interest is his Berserker series, detailing the conflict between humans and an implacable machine intelligence enemy devoted to wiping them out.

Berseker, Berserker Wars, The Berserker Attack and The Ultimate Enemy are collections of the Berserker stories, some of which you will find at Baen webscriptions.

Of the short stories, Goodlife is about Berserkers capturing and experimenting on people to see what the whole life thing is about. Inhuman Error has a ship captain having to prove he is not a Berserker trick, or be destroyed. Mr Jester is a humorous politics can be deadly even if your machine enemy is not there right now story. Stone Place is about the toughness of making decisions about a fleet of killer machine ships. On a different note, Birthdays is about a young man who is woken periodically aboard a generation ship as groups of people grow and are trained to try and come up with optimum colonists. Starsong is an Orpheus myth rewrite.


Berserker Wars

The Berserker Attack
The Ultimate Enemy


Inhuman Error

Mr Jester

Stone Place