Monday, February 07, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: David Weber - Blue Tyson

David Weber has written dozens of science fiction and fantasy novels, and a few short stories. Some of these are of interest such as the hunt the space pirates Path of the Fury, and The Armageddon Inheritance which would appear to have large scale space battles. He also co-wrote a series with Steve White apparently based on a Starfire video game, which also involves alien space battles.

His most popular series is that starring Honor Harrington, and is in navy in space, damn the torpedos and give them a broadside military sf style. Harrington falls out of favour with the powers that be and is given your usual crappy posting as a reward. She turns the tables by innovative use of this and rises from there, along with her companion the intelligent treecat. The first book On Basilisk Station is decent, but it begins to descend into simplistic unsophistication in background and result. There are anthologies of stories in this universe, too. Weber also wrote a fine novella, Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington, that details a just out of training Harrington on a mission where she has to work out a way to stop them all getting blown up and deal with some crewmates that despise her. You'll find On Basilisk Station in the Baen Free Library, and Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington also online.

On Basilisk Station

Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington