Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Charles Stross - Blue Tyson

Charles Stross is a highly talented author of science fiction and fantasy, but generally produces the former. Infonomic geekery is more his line of writing than starships plying the vast blackness of the void between the brilliant nebuale, but he has produced some work of space opera interest. This includes the story Bit Rot with some the machine people from Saturn's Children having a problem with too much radiation in space. Also the novel Iron Sunrise. Some of the later Macx family stories (Accelerando) are also of interest.

Bear Trap is a story has a man and an AI fleeing an interstellar economic crash. You will find this and Accelerando online.

The novel Singularity Sky has an outside agent on a planet under observation by a powerful AI called the Eschaton. A group of interstellar troublemaking merchants pays the planet a visit, and leaves them with replicators. The worst nightmare of a repressive militaristic right wing society, because if people can produce their own food, clothing and shelter for free, then they no longer have to do the shit jobs just to eat. Which includes military cannon fodder. All sorts of economic disruptions because in this situation it is labor that becomes far more valuable.

Bear Trap

Singularity Sky