Monday, February 14, 2011

Rim Worlds Grid & History - Steve Davidson

"Baen books has followed their electronic collections of the John Grimes (Rim Worlds) tales and is set to release several print versions starting this month.

the John Grimes ‘Horatio Hornblower of Space’ tales are not Chandler’s only works that take place in the Rim Worlds universe. In fact, there are a LOT of other tales – even several recurring series (Derek Calver, Empress Irene).

Keeping track of them all can be difficult. Creating a reading order even more so, as Chandler played around a lot with the concept of alternate universes and this is reflected in his stories.

I’ve prepared a grid that attempts to show both the order of the various Rim Worlds tales and their relationship in terms of the different alternate universe time tracks. (To see the full-sized version, click on the graphic)."

Rim Worlds Grid & History