Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Novels I will not write: Jesus wants his kidney back - Charles Stross

"Let us postulate a world in which Christian doctrine is actually True — specifically Catholic doctrine.

Our hero is a 40-something newspaper editor and investigative journalist with a history.

About 20 years ago, while investigating a story in Eastern Europe, he was nearly murdered; a corrupt billionaire oligarch took exception to our hero nosing into his family history and arranged for a minion to stir some Death Cap mushrooms into his stroganoff. However, he was saved by a kidney transplant, using an organ donated by a priest working with the local hospital who happened to be a perfect histocompatibility match.

In the aftermath, our hero managed to lay his hands on some highly incriminating documents and promptly found a Swiss bank vault to lodge them in; he has to prove he's alive and free once every six months or the bank will release the papers to wikileaks, causing some minor embarrassment to our shady billionaire oligarch from the Carpathians."

4 out of 5