Sunday, February 20, 2011

Murphy's Gambit 1 - Syne Mitchell

"Murphy glanced at the contract. The employer was listed as "a member corporation of the collective." So it was one of the big twelve, the mega-corporations that ran the galactic government. Seventy-five years ago, the Plutocrat wars had ended in a settlement: Local governments handled planetary matters, but space habitations and inter-stellar issues came under the purview of the Collective.

But she was still on-planet, in training for the CEA. William’s company was stepping outside of its authority by contacting her. Murphy asked, "Which Company would I be working for?"

Williams brushed imaginary lint off his shoulder. "That's tactical information and will be revealed after you have signed. The employer is not important. Read the terms of the agreement."

The money was amazing--but she'd be working for a Company. Her mind flashed back to the sixteen-hour workdays, leaking reactors, and slave wages she had fought so hard to escape. Even though she would be skilled labor, it didn't sit well. She couldn't see herself working for an entity that treated her people as a disposable resource. "That's quite generous but--"

"You must accept." He laughed nervously. "You'd be crazy to turn down this offer. There would be repercussions." He met her eyes. "For both of us."

Murphy cocked her head, "Are you threatening me?""

3.5 out of 5