Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Justin chats with - Mark Chadbourn

"Justin: After The Scar-Crow Men, what’s next on your agenda? I believe Swords of Albion is meant to be a trilogy. Will it be the traditional fantasy trilogy of 4 to 6 books, or are you really going to stick to the just-three-books kind of trilogy? Will Swyfte is such a great character and the world you’ve created there is stunningly detailed. I just can’t imagine there only being three novels taking place there.

Mark: I’m just starting work on The Devil’s Looking Glass, which is the final contracted work for Swords of Albion, at the moment. But the books were never conceived as a trilogy — they were simply standalone stories which describe the battles in a greater war. You can come into them at any point without needing prior knowledge. Three were contracted because that’s the way the publishing industry works, but I always considered the possibility of writing more if the interest is there — and it seems to be. There’s also movie interest. And there are so many other stories to tell with these characters in that world. I’ve barely touched on some very interesting parts of the globe in the Elizabethan age. Plus, I do very much like Will Swyfte as a character and there are some secrets in his past I would love to get to."

4 out of 5