Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hope's Folly - Linnea Sinclair

"Out of habit she studied their weaponry more than their faces. No Carvers here, not even Stingers. Standard issue Mag-5 pistols. Rifles were boring Blue Surgers. She’d trained on them, could dismantle them in her sleep which, in her opinion, was all they were worth. But yeah, get shot by a Surger, it still hurt like a bitch and could put you flat out dead if someone’s aim was good. Not center mass, as they were taught. That only worked on the good guys, but it wasn’t the good guys that needed shooting. It was the bad guys, and they were smart enough to wear body armor. Good luck getting a standard Surger to penetrate that.

Okay, maybe at point blank.

But at point blank, the bad guys had already shot you dead with their nice powerful Carver-12s.

No, with a Surger you had to go for the throat or brain. Stop the blood flow, stop the body functions. Even then, some slag-head twilighting on rafthkra might still come at you, full bore.

She’d seen it happen."

3.5 out of 5