Thursday, February 10, 2011

Harlan Ellison Remembers - Julius Schwartz

"In 1935 Julie actually met H.P. Lovecraft, the great recluse, and somehow convinced him to let Solar Sales market one of his stories. An astounding $350 sale to Astounding Stories, the only time the supernatural scrivener managed to get into the top-paying market. By the time Weisinger left the agency for editorial jobs, Julie was representing the absolute caviar of that pool of imaginative writers: Henry Kuttner, the magnificent Stanley Weinbaum, Leigh Brackett, Manly Wade Wellman, Eric Frank Russell, Otto Binder, and even Robert Heinlein for one story. 1938: Julie snags Robert Bloch, eventually selling 75 stories, including the memorable, many-times-reprinted "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper." 1940: a kid named Alfred Bester comes to Julie, is mentored by him, and Julie makes his first sf sale, "Life for Sale," to Amazing Stories. 1939: Julie meets a kid named Ray Bradbury, takes him on, sells "The Pendulum" to Super Science Stories, and it appears on the newsstands on Bradbury's 21st birthday."


"He started by redesigning and reintroducing, in contemporary terms, The Flash. Then Green Lantern; the Atom; Hawkman; and then The Justice League of America from the ashes of The Justice Society in the 1940s."

4 out of 5