Monday, February 21, 2011

The Creators 1 - James C. Glass

"Swirling clouds of purple laced with blue enveloped her and in every direction were the vortex manifestations of stars in real space, colored deep blue to red in a pattern immediately familiar to her, a pattern compressed, for in this place there was no continuum of space or time. Still, the pattern remained constant, connected to real space by the quantum electrodynamical interface in which her day's work was to be done. Close by the small, purple vortex marking the return path to herself was a large swirl in red-orange that was Tengri-Khan, and even from here she could see a similar stellar manifestation showing the presence of Tengri-Nayon. Yesui drifted towards it, a ghostly presence in a place of chaos beneath order. When alone there was no need to show the green flattering manifestation of herself to someone, and maintaining it was a distraction when her work was delicate.

Her father's ship was now nearly two light years out from the Tengri-Nayon system and well beyond the great cloud of icy debris surrounding Tengri-Khan. Her control over the space-time wave was still imperfect; it encompassed not only the point of origin as defined by contact with Mengjai aboard the ship, but everything along a line thousands of kilometers parallel and antiparallel to the ship's trajectory. Safety demanded that space around the ship be as empty as possible during a jump."

3.5 out of 5