Friday, February 18, 2011

Column: Writing the Mythos: Henry Kuttner Mythos Mistake? - G. W. Thomas

"The brilliant young writer exploded onto the scene in March of 1936 by writing an instant Mythos classic. “The Graveyard Rats” (Weird Tales, March 1936) is set in Salem, the town Kuttner decided to make his Arkham. The plot concerns a grave-robber who thinks he’s dealing with large rats. The reality is pure Lovecraftian horror. Kuttner followed it with “The Secret of Kralitz” (Weird Tales, October 1936), “The Eater of Souls” (Weird Tales, January 1937), “The Salem Horror” (Weird Tales, May 1937), “The Invaders” (Strange Stories, February 1939) and “The Hunt” (Strange Stories, June 1939), creating the Mythos entities of Iod, Vorvadoss and Nyogtha."

3.5 out of 5