Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Interview With Pjf Editor/Promoter/Website Guru - Mike Croteau!

"MC: Apparently my fannish enthusiasm struck something with Phil and he was willing to let me go through his files looking at material he had never published! As much as I loved to read these stories, I knew other fans would too, so we started selling photocopies of these unpublished stories for pretty steep prices. When I found another batch of stories, I suggested publishing them in a fanzine all about Phil. He and I both enjoyed this outlet much more than selling photocopies and even though we didn't print more than a few hundred copies of each issue, I still feel that Farmerphile was a huge success, I'm very proud of it. Farmerphile ran out of steam in 2009, but shortly after, due to both Phil and Bette passing away, I became the temporary custodian of Phil's "Magic Filing Cabinet." So called because every time we go through the files, we find something we somehow missed the last dozen times we went through them. This naturally led to the anthology The Worlds of Philip Jose Farmer 1: Protean Dimension, the first in a hopefully annual series. Each volume will contain material written by Phil that has never been published before as well as speeches,
interviews and other material that may or may not have been published. We're also looking to reprint articles about Phil to help preserve his history. Finally we're also looking for new stories based on his characters and worlds by writers that he has influenced. I wish I could mention some names that are lined up for volume 2, but it's a little early for that."

4.5 out of 5