Friday, December 24, 2010

Forbidden the Stars 1 - Valmore Daniels

"TAHU provided ideal protection for a survey team. The Construction-Engineering team had used pulse charges to create an artificial cavity ten meters into the surface, forming a rectangular box fifteen meters on a side, and four meters in height. AI mechbots constructed the TAHU itself. With two personal cubicles, a communal area, lavatory, dining cubicle, computer laboratory, and airlock, it was the perfect size for a two-person survey team. If the surveyors were a couple, a third person, such as an offspring, could be attached to the mission, and not put any real strain on the TAHU resources. There was enough food for six months, and solar wind particle converters kept the batteries charged to full. They built a gravity convection magneto into the floor of the TAHU, magnifying the asteroids natural magnetic field inside the construct by a factor of 85.91, enough to simulate near-Earth gravity. The energy requirements were enormous, but the Sun, four hundred gigs away, provided an unlimited source of energy."

3.5 out of 5