Friday, February 22, 2008

The Lone Ranger In Wild Horse Canyon - Fran Striker

It's all about the gold mine.

When the Lone Ranger and Tonto find a young girl alone in the woods they soon determine she is in need of help.

Given that some of the men causing her problems are named Tombstone, Ripper, Scar, and Mace, it isn't hard for our heroes to tell that there is more than a fair chance these gentlemen are of the 'not pleasant' and 'rather likely to be dishonest' persuasion.

This certainly turns out to be the case, and a certain amount of escapology and gunplay is required.

Said no-good varmints also learn the particular importance of literacy and good spelling.

Also, of course :-

A moment later the canyon
was in darkness and the sound of wild hoofs
was dying away in the distance. Suddenly a
clear voice rang out above all the other
sounds of the night: "Hi-Yo, Silver--away!"

3 out of 5